A handy tool that I have recently noticed in SolidWorks 2013 is the Centre of Mass tool. This tool can be found in the reference geometry toolbar and what it does is it places a reference point at the Centre of Mass or Centre of Gravity of the part or Assembly.

The great thing about this tool is that once you have created the Centre of Mass reference point, you can dimension to the reference point in your drawing.

Here’s how to use it:

STEP 1 – Insert the Centre of Mass from the Reference Geometry toolbar in SolidWorks.


STEP 2 – As you can see the Centre of Mass symbol is displayed on the Model and in the Design Tree in SolidWorks.


STEP 3 – If you change the model, the Centre of Mass will automatically update. If, however, you’d like to track how the Centre of Mass varies with model changes then you can place a fixed Centre of Mass Reference Point by clicking on the Centre of Mass icon in the design tree and selecting the Centre of Mass Reference Point. This will place a fixed point that will not move with model changes.


STEP 4 – As you can see, after adding a Centre of Mass Reference Point the symbol in the model space changes slightly and the Centre of Mass Reference Point can be seen in the Design Tree.


STEP 5 – After you insert a view of the part into your SolidWorks Drawing you must make sure that theCentre of Mass is visible by clicking on the View Centre of Mass symbol in the dropdown toolbar shown below. After the Centre of Mass is visible you can easily add dimensions.


I hope you found that tool as useful as I did. Feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!