How can our design consultants help you?

Is your business experiencing workload increases?  Don’t want to increase full-time staff but need to manage fluctuations in workload?

We realise that growing businesses can experience fluctuations in design requirements at times. can help you through the demanding times.  Although we focus on off-site (online) services, our engineers, draftsmen and design consultants can assist you on site, hourly or project based, whatever your needs.

Having extensive experience in the transport, specialised vehicle, and construction industries, you can rest assure that the quality of work you’ll receive is of the highest quality conforming to Australian Standards (AS1100)

Our Core Services

3D Modelling

We have a great deal of experience creating a wide range of mechanical 3D models using state of the art design software. If we can’t model it, it can’t be done!Learn More

Product Design

As we posses a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications in the mechanical field. We can become your partners in the design life cycle of your product from concept to production.Learn More


If you’re working on a particularly complex project, we can get one of our top design consultants to provide you with a fresh set of eyes to give you peace of mind that your design is fit for purpose.Learn More


If your workload is becoming overwhelming, we can provide assistance creating product drawings and fabrication details to free-up the valuable time of your engineers or draftsmen.Learn More

Our Other Services

To complement our core services listed above, we provide a number of other services which go hand-in-hand.

Who does this service suit?:
Our sketch to 3D model conversion service is perfect for individuals or businesses that are lacking the resources to create engineering drawings or 3D models themselves. This service is aimed at helping clients take their products from concept (sketch) through to professional engineering drawings ready to start fabricating or providing 3D models or animations to impress clients/investors.

Why not get started:
Send us a hand sketch and/or some photos of any object including all necessary dimensions. This drawing file can be a pdf, an image, a word document or just about any other file type. Once we’ve got all the information we need we’ll create an engineering drawing and/or 3D model of your object in the format you require which you can then use to start production of your product, file for a patent, or demonstrate your product to clients/investors.

Who does this service suit?
If you, like many other businesses, have been producing your drawings with a 2D CAD package (AutoCAD, Micro Station etc.) over the last decade or so, you’re probably thinking of upgrading to a 3D package. The transition from a 2D system to a 3D system can mean spending thousands of man hours creating 3D models from existing 2D drawings. This task is mundane, requires no knowledge of your product or experience in your industry. Why waste the valuable time of your knowledgeable and experienced employees doing this task when you could have someone else do it without putting additional load on your resources or delaying other more important projects? Why not outsource this task to someone else to a) Save you money, b) Save you time, and c) Free up your talent for more important projects?

Why not get started:
Send us your native 2D CAD files (.dwg, .dxf, etc.) along with any mark-ups or instructions on details you’d like changed. Then we’ll get to work efficiently recreating your components in a 3D format that suits your modern 3D CAD package (SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro-E etc.). Because this is what we specialise in, we can create 3D models from existing drawings quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost to you!

The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more evident than when it comes to product manuals. We can create product manuals or technical documentation for the products we design. Installation manuals, assembly instructions, user manuals, and maintenance manuals are just some examples of the types of manuals we can create. 3D images, or screenshots, can illustrate certain points in the manual better than text, particularly in complex procedures or installations where users need to have visual confirmation that they’re performing the steps correctly. 3D images can be produced directly from our computer-aided design (CAD) software an inserted into the manual.

Animated 3D models. We can bring your 3D model to life in a few different ways. We can create a short video clip beginning with an exploded view of your design and then animate the assembly process. We can create a short video of your 3D model changing views and zooming in/out on key details. If your design involves moving/rotating parts we can animate these moving/rotating parts to get a feel for how your design will look in real life.
 What are 3D pdf’s?
A 3D pdf is a document which can be opened from any computer without the need to install additional software. Once we’ve created your 3D model from a sketch or 2D drawing we can use the model to produce a 3D pdf. The advantage of a 3D pdf is that it can be emailed to anyone and they can interact with the 3D model without having to install any additional software. To download a sample 3D pdf click here.

  • Interact with your product by rotating and zooming in on areas of interest
  • Great for sending proposals to clients
  • Can be opened by anyone from any computer
  • Measurements can be taken directly from the model in the pdf
A key requirement during the product design life cycle is having the ability to analyse and evaluate the design of components both during the development process and after completion, in the form of a formal engineers report. We have a number of degree qualified Mechanical Engineers and Design Consultants who are capable of performing calculations, strictly following industry standards outlined in the applicable Australian Standards. To give you piece of min, our Mechanical Engineers are accredited by, and are members of Engineers Australia.

Why Choose Us

  • We’re a relatively young, motivated and energetic company embracing new technology and thinking outside the box.
  • We have just the right balance between experience, hands-on know how, and formal qualifications.
  • We’re passionate about what we do –  We get satisfaction from completing projects and seeing the finished product.
  • Our consultants are considered by some to be Australia’s Top Design Consultants

What Our Clients Have To Say

To anybody thinking of using – Use them! I was skeptical in the beginning given that they’re a young company but they put my mind at ease immediately. From the beginning their response time was very fast and their service and demeanor very professional.
Peter Salsbury, PS Refrigeration
I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support. Nigel did some design work for us over about 6 weeks. 3 months later we required some modifications to the design. Nigel completed the modifications and updated the calculations free of charge. Great to see there is still some down to earth aussie businesses out there!
Daniel Simpson, Bendigo Engineering & Fabrication