So you’ve decided that SolidWorks is the best CAD program for you… Where to from here? The first step is to get your hands on a copy of SolidWorks. If you’re at university you may be able to get access to a student version through them. If you can’t I suggest getting in contact with SolidWorks or one of their distributors and tell them you’re interested in their software and asking for a free trial version of SolidWorks. These free trial versions of SolidWorks typically last 30 days. 30 days should be enough for you to get good feel of the software. Another way to get access to SolidWorks is through your employer or another company which might let you use their licence.


Once you’ve got your hands on SolidWorks, learning how to do the basics is pretty easy. When you open up SolidWorks there are some tools on the right of the screen. Click on the SolidWorks Resources icon to open up the Resources panel.

Once the SolidWorks Resources panel is open there are a number of useful links for getting started. I suggest going through the step by step tutorials. I find they’re easy to follow and they include downloads of sample parts.


If you get stuck during the tutorials a quick search on YouTube should be able to help you out.