The best CAD software for you will depend largely on your requirements. Some CAD packages are better suited to Structural Design, some are better suited to Mechanical design, and some are better suited to Architectural Design and so on. Some questions you will need to ask yourself before selecting a CAD software packages are: What CAD software is better suited to my industry? Do I require 3D model capability? Will I need to perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, or any other type of analysis? Will I require the CAD software to have document managemt capabilites? The more functionality you require from your CAD package will usually mean the more you will have to pay. How much will you have to pay for a CAD software package? Pricing ranges from around $8,000 up to +$50,000 for a single licence CAD software package. If you would like unbiased help selecting a CAD software package that suits you then leave a comment on this post or contact us via the Contact page. Below is a list of top CAD programs by ordered by popularity in a recent survey of about 300 mechanical machine designers.

Solidworks 100%
Autodesk Inventor 64%
AutoCAD 57%
Pro Engineer 55%
Unigraphics NX 47%
Creo parametric 43%
ZW3D 38%
AutoDesk 3D Max 27%
Rhino 3D 18%